How important is it to identify things and people for what they really are. when you can identify things you can deal with them for what they really are. sometimes we have to take the scale out and weight our options and really did deep to see if things people situations are helpful or harmful.............

What do you think? 

Are you trying to identify something or someone right now?    

     Remember the playground at the parks the see-saw,  are you in a see-saw situation. you changed ya mind about a decision a choice you made and now u find yourself confused again on the fence in the middle, you seem to have lost that clear understanding you had when you made your mind up. in order to grow and move forward we must remember why we made our decisions and choices at some point we identified that what were doing wasnt helpful, it wasnt conducive to where we are headed in our future. 
          I'm so excited this is my first entry my first blog. any one who knows me, knows i have alot going on at one time. so as i type this there are 500 things going threw my mind. 
          This site is all about T.Y. the the true you. this is a blog designed to encourage you from where you are now and to assist you get to where you want to be.and  I'm here sharing many stories of the true me and listening as well to the t.o.y.  truth of you. 
           This is just the start so i wont make it to lengthly. I'm working on a better me. I've learned that we must accept who we are completely and we are not our situations we are not our past. in order to do that we must accept the truth move forward,.
           I have so much to say , what has been keeping me from sharing is the fear of not doing it the right way. then i realized that i have a purpose a mission i have a voice something to say to someone to, you even. so i must not try to perfect things i must be true and talk to you on my level and we can grow together. i look forward to blogging any suggested topics, questions or comments...


    Titanya Johnson aka
    (Lady Ty) born august 4. In Queens N.Y. 
          Is better described as a creative creation of God. She is a artist in many forms, a writer, painter designer, Event planner, chef, baker, cake designer, Childrens ent Face painter, Marketing promotion, Casting Director, Actress and most importantly she has a passion for Christ. This site was created for Titanya to share her story her goodness, her talents to help others grow to encourage other to never give up.


    November 2013